If you're beginning the search for a therapist who is a fit for you, welcome!  Stacy-Colleen (SC) has worked in the healing field for over 25 years, specializing in individual, couples and family therapy.  She works with the pre-teen through adult population in a private, confidential suites in the Los Angeles (Eagle Rock) area.

Stacy-Colleen specializes in working with childhood and adulthood trauma, emotional challenges (depression, anxiety, chronic stress), substance abuse and recovery, sexual orientation, and physical issues related to stress, trauma and grief.  She supports clients on issues of parenting, mediation, conflict resolution, communication and trust.  She teaches yoga and Yoga Nidra for symptoms of depression, anxiety, trauma, insomnia and chronic pain as an RYT 500.

SC is a native of Los Angeles and very familiar with the resources in the area, allowing for local referrals to support the therapeutic process, such as 12 step meetings, social service agencies, yoga studios, gyms, dance studios, bodyworkers, nutritionists, Rolfers, prenatal massage and local spas, medication support, hospitals, doctors and nurses, massage therapists, mediation attorneys, art therapy and more.  

Stacy-Colleen believes that healing includes all aspects of a client's life, and also utilizes the support of family members in the process, if appropriate.  She works with a strong sense of humor, a supportive position, and the understanding that the client is the best expert on his or her own life.  This therapy and body work invite the process of uncovering what strengths may be hidden so that the client can heal him or herself with guidance and support from SC.  

Call or email for either a free 10 minute phone consultation to answer questions or to schedule your first in- person 50 minute session at either office.  Skype sessions are available if prescheduled.
323.905.CALM (2256) or scnameth@yahoo.com
    Your story is unique to you and has a place to be heard.
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